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Venti di Cultura is a non-profit organization.
It promotes multistakeholder projects, aiming to foster cultural exchange and awareness, with attention to the implementation of cultural routes along the Mediterranean coast. Four are the running projects, they go on the trail of the Venetian Lion's Wings along the Adriatic coast; on the trail of the Cathedrals of the Sea along the Italian coasts; an interpretive route of the Venetian lagoon (Lagunalonga), and investigates the commune european framework of Cultural Territorial Networks.
The Association was founded in 2006, and operates in autonomus projects.


The cultural territorial network of the lagoon is light and operational immediately to strengthen the sense of identity among people who live in the ecotone of the lagoon, and to be a starting point for visitors to the extraordinary world of the lagoon.
The interpretation route presents the historical, environmental and productive resources of the lagoon to a broad audience of families, young and elderly people.
The goal is to promote sustainable economic development by combining new forms of cultural tourism with the preservation and conservation of the environment, biodiversity, traditions and local products. The network promotes the preservation and promotion of the activities of many institutions, public and private, secular and religious, profit and non-profit that weaves their activities with the lagoon ecotone. Their bond is an ethical, participatory and holistic wealth of the territorial resources, and of the responsibilities over its management.
Our aim is to connect institutions, landscapes, people and communication systems, through the catalyst of the internal waters of the lagoon, an unity space-movement (Braudel), through a network of anchor-points and water routes, capable of promoting new methods of interpretation of local cultural identities, through issues and places which summarize the local resources. We present the selection of a small number of anchor points, piers particularly significant and representative of different and overlapping resources in the lagoon.

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27 September: European Tourism Day 2011 

Monday, September 26, 2011 3:19:00 AM
European Cathedrals of the Sea: Cultural tourism strategies for industrial landscapes.arch. Francesco Calzolaio, president association Venti di Cultura, Venice. AGENDA European Tourism Day 2011 Cathedrals of the Sea - European Tourism Day read more

Conferenza a Bruxelles 

Monday, September 05, 2011 5:44:00 AM
A Bruxelles, in occasione dell' European Turism Day, il presidente di Venti di Cultura è invitato con il discorso "Cattedrali del mare: reti culturali territoriali del patrimonio industriale". In occasion of the European Turism Day, Venti di... read more
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