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3.1 Port Wine


Famous and unique, Port Wine is a fortified wine produced exclusively in the Douro Region and aged in cellars. Originally it was transported down the river on the traditional Rabelo boats, replicas of which can be seen next to the Luis I bridge. This wine stands out from ordinary wines thanks to its huge range of varieties, with an incomparable richness and intensity of aroma, a long finish, both on the nose and on the palate, and a high level of alcohol content (generally between 19 and 22% by volume). The Port and Douro Wine Institute is the body responsible for certifying and supervising all Porto Origin wines. Its headquarters houses a multifunctional area for receptions, laboratories, tastings, visits and wine sales. The history of this precious nectar is revealed on a guided visit to the famous Port Wine Cellars or the Port Wine Museum where numerous exhibits document the city commercial history and its relationship with the world renowned wine. Don ft miss out on the opportunity to taste a glass of Port in a wine shop, a shop offering wine tastings or in the Port Wine House and purchase your wine of choice. The flavours of Porto are fully brought to life in the restaurants known as the Ambassadors of Port Wine, where the wine is carefully chosen to accompany their culinary offerings.

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