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The Greek site is located in the heart of the most important and largest coastal plain in Greece, the Thessaloniki plain, and forms a part of the administrative unit of Imathia Regional Unit of Central Macedonia. Historic towns (Veria, Naousa), environmental protected areas (Axios Delta), important museum and archaeological sites (Veria Museums, Hellenistic Lefkadia Tombs, Mieza School of Aristotle), outstanding productive heritage sites (historic water-powered industrial zone of Naousa, Naousa wine-road) represent the main characteristics of the whole area. They are tentative anchor points in a local Territorial Cultural Network contributing to the enhancement of the local identity as a territory arising and living near water streams and water channels, having also the Wright to be “cultural channels”.

The Environmental Education Centre of Naousa is founded in 1999, as part of the educational structure of the Hellenic Ministry of Education. The building facilities accommodate student Groups, who participate in one-day and three-day educational programs, which take place in the natural environment of mountain Vermion, along the river Arapitsa, in the rural fields of the region and the urban space of Naousa. They involve primary and secondary school students. The actual programs are based on the principles of environmental education. The objectives of the programs are: To inform students and citizens about the natural and man-made environment of the region, through the three poles of society: economy, culture and environment. Industrial heritage is one of the most important fields within the programs. Educational tourism, having as target group young people, can be a key to turn a school trip into an opportunity to become conscious of environmental issues.

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