cultural territorial networks


The sites selected for the Brussels territorial network present a strong cultural relevance at a local, national and international level. In some cases, the chosen monuments reflect the city’s cultural identity (the Art Nouveau Network), different ways to consider and promote the past (the city’s industrial heritage at La Fonderie; the country’s colonial past and African art collections at The Royal Museum for Central Africa) or innovative contemporary approaches aimed at involving wide audiences through urban design (Jardins du fleuriste) or an ambitious project of architectural renovation (Tour & Taxis).
The case studies represent a wide range of situations, from small privately owned and managed heritage sites to large state owned and administrated institutions, from tangible to intangible heritage (Ommegang), from listed monuments to continuously evolving events and traditions (Zinneke Parade).
Most of these sites are actively involved in international cultural projects and can be further linked through partnerships with other territorial cultural networks, on the same territory or elsewhere.

Culture Lab Mission _ Culture Lab is a consultancy company based in Brussels, specialized in raising funds from the European Commission and providing expertise for cultural cooperation initiatives. In this context, the company supplies a range of services, from project design and management to evaluation and communication missions. Belonging to the cultural milieu, the team of Culture Lab proposes a personalized approach adapted to the specific profiles of the public and private organisations working in the field of culture.

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