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4.1 La Fonderie


La Fonderie - Centre for economical and social history of the Brussels region - hosts the Brussels Museum of Industry and Labour that aims to recall a not so “long-gone past” when Brussels was the country’s main industrial city.

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4.2 Grand Place


When talking about the Grand Place in Brussels, the poet Guillaume Apollinaire said that is was « the most beautiful square in the world ». Little has changed ever since. The guildhalls’ fronts and the city’s Town Hall architecture still amaze today tourists and locals alike. As recognition for its architectural beauty, in 1998 the Grand Place was listed on the Unesco World Heritage List.

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4.3 The Art Nouveau architecture: Hotel Tassel


In 1893 the architect Victor Horta designed the first Art nouveau building for professor Emile Tassel. This terrace house was the first convincing example of the rejuvenation that architecture was to undergo.

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