cultural territorial networks

About the project Cultural Territorial Network for Citizens (TECCN) 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

TECCN is devoted to the building of a commune framework for the local cultural resources, towards an international audience. 

TECCN is sponsored by the European Program Grundtvig Lifelong Learning Partnership, with the partnership of Heritage Malta, Naussa Environmental Centre (Greece), Culture Lab (Belgium), Parco del Delta del Po Emila Romagna (Italy), Venti di Cultura (Coordinator, Italy). The TECCN’s principal output is a website, that will be a portal for a selected list of the resources of each territory.

The information will be collected following shared guidelines, in order to present the local differences in a commune framework. The collected materials will take also the form of an exhibition, which will be hold in some partner’s seats. 

The five partners are also willing to enlarge the participation to others territories, and therefore other international cultural institutions are invited to join the network, placing their territories in the same framework. The website portal will be presented, for the first time, in the 18th April Venice Conference.

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